Think INSIDE the box

mother and son with gifts
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REMEMBER the excitement you felt as a child ripping gift paper off a package? Remember how you felt when opening the box and seeing what’s inside?

That feeling is the most important moment in any online sale. 

That’s what’s achieved by all the marketing effort and expense of catching eyeballs and converting them to buying from you. 

That’s also the single biggest opportunity any online retailer has to sell more because it’s the instant the receiver’s interest is at its highest. Every detail of everything in the box is absorbed with laser-like intensity.

Yet it is a moment many online retailers are missing.

Remember the person opening the box is either the person who made the purchase online or someone to whom the online purchaser has sent the box as a gift. This is the moment they are most receptive to reading more about the product and the brand.

This is the moment to further dazzle and delight.

A simple, low-cost but high value marketing touch needs to be added: a PackAd.

There are seven different types of PackAd depending on size of package and marketing strategy.

  1. Mini PackAd, the size of a standard business card, for small packages or envelopes;
  2. Sticker PackAd of different sizes to use as a label or package seal;
  3. Flyer PackAd, a single A6 to A4 size insert;
  4. Pamphlet PackAd, which is the same size as a Flyer by folded in half or thirds to give four to six sides for content;
  5. Card PackAd, which is either a postcard or greeting card size insert on similar paper to a Mini PackAd and either folded into four sides or flat with two sides;
  6. Booklet PackAd, which is a multipage A5 size booklet;
  7. Catalogue PackAd, which is a multipage A4 size booklet.

Different options or finishes provide an almost unlimited range of inserts in small to large quantities that can be tailored to suit any marketing strategy.

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