How do I pay?

You pay by credit or debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay via Stripe when you order. This is secure and protects you as there is a clear audit trail. Many businesses use company credit cards which they pay off in a month to avoid interest and which insures them against any fraud.

What happens if my product is damaged during delivery or I no longer want it?

Your job is insured up to your delivery address, so if anything happens during delivery you get a full refund. If the product has an error that was not as specified and signed off at the proof stage, you may return it unused for a full refund. If the product is delivered as specified and approved, you will not be able to claim a refund.

What about VAT?

Almost all print products that are A4-size or smaller (like our PackAds) are zero rated for VAT, although there can be exceptions that often depend on content (for example, if a product includes a discount coupon). For this reason, all our prices are inclusive of VAT. You do not pay any more than the price you see. Your invoice will show if the VAT is zero-rated or standard.

Can I reorder the same product without going through the same process?

Yes. If there are no changes to your artwork, just contact us to let us know how many more copies you would like to reorder. If you do have any changes you will then need to go through the same ordering process and upload the different artwork.

What if my artwork is too big to upload?

If your artwork is more than 100MB, contact us and we will make arrangements for you to upload through an FTP process. 

How do I order more than 1 product?

If you are ordering out of our Shop, you can choose as many products as you want and add them to your basket which you can then pay at checkout. You will then need to upload your artwork individually using the naming convention on our Artwork page so we can be sure the right artwork is linked to the right product. You will still, of course, get a proof before any printing so any mixup is easily fixed without extra charge.

How can I be sure the product will be top quality?

We use major Trade Printers certified to international quality and environmental management standards and who use the latest printing technology. Top quality is non-negotiable.

Can I have the product delivered to an address different from my business address?

Absolutely. We will deliver your product anywhere in the United Kingdom free of charge. You just need to make sure you give us your delivery address when you request a Quotation or buy pre-specified products from our Shop.

I need graphic design but donโ€™t know any designers – who do I do?

If you need a graphic designer, we can arrange one for you at a low price. Contact us so we can discuss your requirements and wishes and arrange a quote for you.

Can I order small quantities so I can change quickly and easily?

Youโ€™ve come to the right place. We can have small quantities printed on high-tech, high quality, digital printers with fast turnaround times at affordable prices. Weโ€™re not talking colour copiers (which are actually quite expensive) but proper litho or inkjet prints. Check our Shop and see.

Any other questions? Contact Us and ask away.